CorPark – the customised parking solution for Swisscom locations.

Everyone knows about the problems of parking spaces. Are any available? Is a fee required? Am I actually allowed to park there? Taking these and other questions into account, Luregn Hug’s unit (CX-INF-TAE) developed the CorPark system. Are you curious what’s behind CorPark?

Author Larissa Mihalik

CorPark – the customised parking solution.

This is CorPark.

CorPark is a parking solution which has been developed for the Swisscom locations. With CorPark you can make better use of existing parking spaces, improve the parking experience for customers, visitors and employees, and reduce the required amount of administrative work. The way it works is that the CorPark system performs a comparison with the employee database of the entire Swisscom Group every evening. This ensures that all internal employees can reserve a parking space. The highly reflective number plate is read by a special IR (infra-red) camera at the entrance/exit.

If the employee has stored their car number plate in their CorPark profile and made a reservation, the barrier will open automatically. Alternatively, employees can enter the garage by using their staff badge via RFID (radio frequency identification). Customers and suppliers can enter the garage via number plate – or if they do not know it – by entering a four-digit code at the barrier.

Important: Entry is only possible if a parking space has been reserved in advance. The system runs at industry standard using the latest technology. 

High-quality industrial hardware is installed in the core of the system. Its modular structure can be expanded at any time and adapted to the respective customer requirements.

In Worblaufen, a parking guidance system has also been integrated, which indicates the status of parking space reservations in real time using colours. Green = Free, Blue = Disabled parking space, White = eMobility, Orange = Reserved, Red = Occupied.

Where is CorPark integrated?

The parking solution is currently developed at four Swisscom locations: Ittigen, Lausanne, Sion and recently in Worblaufen. Further locations for the CorPark solution are currently being examined.

What’s the next step?

On 01 April 2021, the CorPark System at the Worblaufen location was successfully put into operation by Swisscom.

Quote by project manager Stefan Kümin:

"I would like to thank all those involved for the superb cooperation in project implementation. We put “One cablex” into practice and were able to perform the work across all divisions. Our warm thanks also go to INF-BRU-C, who installed the parking guidance system from Bern, as well as the team from INF-TAE-TRR, who performed all the work for the checkpoint at the entrance/exit."

The department TAE has created an all-round solution with the CorPark system, which makes parking space management as a whole much easier. Parking spaces will now no longer be handled by the reception desk, but using CorPark. All employees can thus book their parking space themselves. The reception desk has an overview in real time and can take action from any workstation via web browser.

Are you interested in the parking solution? You can find more details in the brochure (only available in German).

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