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Customers trust in the versatility of cablex.

There is no more room in the cable pipes in Panamaweg in Suhr (AG). Construction work was therefore necessary in connection with the expansion of the optical fibre network in the community. Thanks to the versatility of the cablex civil works team and the trusting relationship with the customer and construction management, cablex was awarded the contract for several renovation projects.

Author Carolin Rabea Primerova

cablex has an extensive portfolio of services that goes far beyond its core business of "network infrastructure and service". And this is an interesting added value aspect for many customers: One contact person is responsible for the implementation of several construction activities. This shortens communication channels and simplifies planning as well as cost control. The network construction project in Suhr illustrates how this also works in the infrastructure area.

Blick in eine Seitenstrasse mit einer grossen Baustelle, die sich über die gesamte Länge der rechten Fahrbahnseite erstreckt. Rot-weisse Absperrungen und Baumschienen

Customer - Technische Betriebe Suhr AG.

It's summer, it's hot and the Panamaweg in Suhr (AG) looks like a large construction site. The asphalt has been broken up, deep trenches and barriers can be seen all over the side road as well as the construction machines of the cablex civil work team. There's a lot to do!

Civil works renovation activities on the electricity and water infrastructure.

On behalf of Technische Betriebe Suhr Strom AG, cablex is laying a new 140-metre-long conduit block. Seven new polyethylene pipes are placed into the ground. From now on, the power cables for the public lighting will run through these and, depending on the planning, also the optical fibre cables for the high-speed Internet at some time in the future. In addition to this, new circular manholes are being built and a distribution box replaced.

Wasserleitung im Graben
Blick auf den neuen Verteilkasten, direkt davor ist auch ein neuer Plattenschacht zu sehen. Der Baugraben ist bereits zugeschüttet aber der Strassenbelag fehlt noch. Deshalb gibt es auch hier immer noch rot-weisse Abschrankungen.

At the same time, a new water pipe will be laid in the ground for Technische Betriebe Suhr Wasser AG. Since the water pipes are located deeper than the power lines, cablex has dug a two-metre wide step trench.

Customer - Swisscom.

After receiving a request from the construction management firm, Ballmer und Partner AG, it turned out that Swisscom also needed lay four additional pipes in the trench. This contract was also awarded to cablex.

Customer - Suhr local authority.

Due to the trench width of around 2 m and a road width of 5.20 m, it was necessary to restore the asphalting on the construction side after the work was completed. However, the Suhr local authority decided to renew the road surface over the entire width and length of the street, and cablex was awarded another additional contract in this project.

The road surface stages were planned in such a way that 30 tonnes of asphalt could be used in each stage. The road surface was laid mechanically with a Vögele Super 800i machine.

Restoration of the road surface in quick stages.

Local exchange in Geneva-Monthoux dismantled after 35 years.

In June 1987, TDM equipment (time-division multiplexing) was installed in the Swisscom local exchange in Geneva-Monthoux.

Techniker installieren Display

cablex realises ICT installation in Swisscom's Retina shops.

In 2022, the ICT project management of cablex Field Services realised eight shops in the regions Zurich, Frauenfeld and Rapperswil.


New image film – Passionately facilitating the networked world!

In the new image film, the biggest professional challenges of four employees show why the work that we perform so passionately is so important


Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

Swisscom headquarters is ready for electric.

The charging infrastructure for electric cars at Swisscom’s headquarters in Worblaufen has been expanded by 18 AC charging stations and one DC charging station.

ESAF 2022 – enough momentum with our mobile communications, WLAN and Internet.

Once again, colleagues from Swisscom Broadcast worked hand in hand with the ICT technicians from cablex.

Trustful cooperation in Suhr.

Several customers awarded the cablex civil work unit the contract for this project in Suhr and are relying on its extensive portfolio of services.

smart cablex.

In our Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Construction and innovation, we implement innovative and forward-looking solutions for you.

cablex Academy.

The cablex Academy teaches specialist skills (competences) in the fields of network construction, service and installation. Here, focus is on the area of network construction for telecommunication.

Mann auf Freileitungsmast

Modern network construction via overhead lines.

No work access holes and fast Internet connections in Wolhusen thanks to XGS-PON.

Three new antennas improve performance.

The upgrade to the site at Uezwil will allow customers to benefit from a high-performance mobile network in future.

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