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From the Uetliberg to the roof: Kornel shows how smart energy works.

In this episode of the series "Insights – our management up close", we go on a mountain bike tour. Kornel Reutemann, Head of Infrastructure & Business Solutions, shows us how his department is shaping the future with innovative projects and sustainable energy solutions. 

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Author Larissa Mihalik

Kornel makes a short mountain bike tour on the Uetliberg. He then meets Samuel Huber, Team Leader for Photovoltaics. Together they explore the photovoltaic system installed by cablex on the roof of a company building. On sunny days, up to 250 kWp are produced and fed into the grid. The e-charging stations, which were also installed by cablex, are another element in cablex's comprehensive smart energy offering.

Kornel shows how smart energy works.

Creating synergies, driving forward new and innovative services, and creating the perfect product for our customers, that's what drives and motivates us every day.

Kornel Reutemann, Head of Infrastructure & Business Solutions

Smart Energy – Service and Infrastructure – Network Construction.

The Infrastructure & Business Solutions department at cablex works across a variety of areas with a clear mission: by combining synergies and innovations, it sets standards in telecommunications network construction, ICT services, and rail and road infrastructure projects. It also includes building installations, civil work and pioneering smart energy projects.

Smart Energy.

Our services range from the installation of a photovoltaic system to e-charging stations and battery storage systems through to smart electricity meters. The goal is to create a safe, energy-conscious and efficient building concept by networking systems together, all in the spirit of customer benefit and sustainability.  

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Service and infrastructure.

Our service technology team is deployed throughout Switzerland to ensure short response times and fast on-site maintenance. Whether it's new installations or the rapid rectification of faults for private or business customers, cablex ensures that the systems run stably and that data is transmitted reliably in real-time. 

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Network construction.

cablex builds and maintains a network infrastructure in keeping with the latest standards – an investment in a sustainable future. With over 20 years of experience in network construction, cablex plans, builds and maintains reliable and high-performance fibre optic, copper and HFC networks that form the basis for the digital networking of tomorrow. 

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The "Smart Energy" segment presented in the video is just one part of the wide range of services covered by the Infrastructure & Business Solutions division. By combining synergies and innovations, cablex is setting standards in the provision of sustainable and efficient energy solutions. These projects not only reflect Kornel's values of fair play, perseverance and discipline, but also show how cablex is shaping the future through dedicated work and innovative technologies.

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From the Uetliberg to the roof: Kornel shows how smart energy works.

In this episode of the series "Insights – our management up close", we go on a mountain bike tour.

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Greenfield 16-9

We were at Switzerland's biggest rock and metal festival.

This year's Greenfield Festival attracted around 84,000 visitors to Interlaken with top acts like Green Day, Bring Me the Horizon and The Prodigy.

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CEO-Wechsel_Bild 3-4

Change at the top of cablex.

After a successful decade as CEO of cablex, Daniel Binzegger has decided to leave the company.

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Two apprentice network electricians at work.

Apprenticeships at cablex.

Start your professional future with us. Learn more about our training professions: Certified Network electrician (VET), Certified Electrician (VET) and Certified Assembly Electrician (VET).

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A philosophy that can be transferred.

He knows how to positively influence energy flows, interact with people and defend himself. In this episode of "Insights – our executive management up close and personal", we introduce you to our Chief Financial Officer.

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Solvita 24-9

We don't just talk about it ...

We don't just talk about it, we actually work for social inclusion. The Solvita Foundation in Urdorf produces cable connections for cablex that are used for smart meters.

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Header Francesco 3-4

Ready to deliver top performance every day.

He is on the ball, motivated and ready to advance at full speed. This time, in "Insights – our executive management up close and personal", we would like to introduce you to Francesco Castelletti, Head of Field Services.

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Two cablex employees on a construction site in the countryside.

Jobs and career.

Become a part of the cablex success story. Our exciting vacancies are waiting for you.

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Advantages and benefits.

Here you find an overview of the advantages and benefits at cablex.

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A warm welcome and a great start at cablex!

Fifteen new colleagues began their training at cablex in August. cablex welcomes them warmly as they start their careers.

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Umwelt-News 1_Hero 24-9

The environment is important to all of us!

cablex takes responsibility and pursues its environmental goals 2023.

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