Lehrabschluss 2022 - Hero 16-9

Joy and pride – 17 apprentices have passed their final exams!

How time flies. It's summer and once again the apprentices at cablex are finishing their training. Fifteen apprentices will continue to work at cablex and actively support our teams. 

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Author Larissa Mihalik

Three years of training can be very strenuous. The demands on the apprentices are great – exams at school, learning to understand the complex network, working outside on cold winter or hot summer days. 

When we visited Joshua Wiedemann for an interview, he was still working in a shaft. It was hot and felt like 40 degrees under the earth's surface – where you can get a little dirty. But that doesn't bother Joshua, the Italian with a lot of temperament. When we asked Joshua what his highlights were from the past three years of training, his answer came out of the blue: pulling the cables through the Gotthard tunnel. 

I am a very active person, I like tricky tasks that are more complex and need a bit more care and light-fingeredness. If it gets a bit warmer in the summer, I don't mind, the cola tastes even better then. For me it was really cool, because it's not every day you get to see the Gotthard tunnel. These tunnels and these technical rooms, that's something not everyone gets to see. And I had the chance to experience this!

Joshua Wiedemann, apprenticeship graduate cablex.

Interview with Joshua Wiedemann.

Elias Baumgartner, a resident of Lucerne, has now received his Federal Certificate of Proficiency at the age of 31. He took the plunge three years ago and started his apprenticeship as a network electrician, with a focus on telecommunications, when he was 28. He's now all the more satisfied that he's chosen this path, and looking forward even more to new opportunities and challenges as a supervising installation technician in the overhead line unit. 

It was a challenge for me, because after all, it had been a while since I last sat in a classroom. As time goes on, it's simply difficult to move ahead without a qualification, you need one these days. That's why I decided to take on the three year apprenticeship. I just wanted to get ahead, to achieve even more.

Elias Baumgartner, apprenticeship graduate cablex.

Interview with Elias Baumgartner.

We would like to congratulate the following 17 apprentices on passing their exams. A big THANK YOU for your tireless commitment here at cablex!

Network electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ), with a focus on telecommunications:

  • Elias Baumgartner
  • Lukas Ehrbar
  • Quirin Frank
  • Nathan Guidotti
  • Sergio Heuberger
  • Oliver Keist
  • Sascha Künsli
  • Roberto Lombardi
  • Kevin Mettraux
  • Kevin Papaa Mnira
  • Márcio Filipe Santos Mendes
  • Stefanos Stadler
  • Danijel Vasic
  • Marcel Waldburger
  • Joshua Wiedemann
  • Stefan Zumstein

Electrician with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ):

  • Kevin Berger
24-9 Header Mendy

Mendy on her role as a fibre optic installer.

Mendy Meichtry is a fibre optic installer at cablex in the Valais region. Daily work in fibre optics includes activities like splicing and BEP installation, but also cable pulling.

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SCS Lernende bei FS 16-9

Teams of cablex technicians train Swisscom apprentices.

The Field Services team of technicians and Swisscom apprentices: a win-win project. Our ICT technicians in the field pass on their specific specialist knowledge, and the Swisscom apprentices help them with their daily work.

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Sunrise Kleiderwechsel 3-4

Working for Sunrise with a new look.

Following the merger of Sunrise and UPC, a brand refresh has been carried out over the past year. The new clothes are now here, and our technicians have the new logo, which symbolises the sun rising, on their uniform.

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Two apprentice network electricians at work.

Apprenticeships at cablex.

Start your professional future with us. Learn more about our training professions: Certified Network electrician (VET), Certified Electrician (VET) and Certified Assembly Electrician (VET).

Willkommen neue Lernende 24-9

NEX Welcome Days cablex – we’re ready for the apprenticeships!

The apprentices were onboarded at the "NEX Welcome Days cablex" and are now ready to start their training.

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Lehrabschluss 2022 - Hero 24-9

Joy and pride – 17 apprentices have passed their final exams!

Fifteen apprentices will continue to work at cablex.

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Tiefkühl-Center_Hero 3-4

Indoor radio coverage for a frozen food centre!

A comprehensive catalogue of requirements for the indoor radio coverage.

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Jobs and career.

Become a part of the cablex success story. Our exciting vacancies are waiting for you.

Unsere Werte 24-9

Advantages and benefits.

Here you find an overview of the advantages and benefits at cablex.

Greenfield 2022_Hero 24-9

cablex at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

cablex technical team responsible for the Internet infrastructure at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

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Frauenpower in der Suisse romande - Hero 24-9

Women power in Western Switzerland.

Providing effective customer support with high female representation on our technical team.

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