Re-appointment of the position of Chief Information Security Officer.

The Executive Board of cablex appointed Manuel Ziegler as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with effect from 1 January 2023. He is the contact person for all information security issues in the company and will continue to develop this area strategically and conceptually. Manuel Ziegler will report to the Chief Information Officer, Sascha Spasovski.   

Author Martina Strazzer

Before moving to cablex, Manuel Ziegler was a senior project manager at Opacc Software AG. Manuel replaces Domenik Imhof, the first CISO at cablex who left our company in May 2022. In his role, he will focus on the increasing cyber risks and threats. In addition to this, he will have control tasks as well as cooperation activities in strategic IT projects.    

After two months in office, Manuel Ziegler answered our questions about his new role at cablex: 

Re-appointment of the position of CISO.

Many thanks, Manuel, for the interesting insight into your area of activity. We now know that information and data security cannot be guaranteed by individuals, as it requires the vigilance and commitment of all employees at cablex.   

We wish Manuel Ziegler continued enjoyment and success in his new role at cablex.  

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Re-appointment of the position of Chief Information Security Officer.

After two months in office, Manuel Ziegler answered our questions about his new role at cablex:


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