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Several teams with one goal: to rectify a fault.

Switzerland-wide operational deployment planning for service business is carried out at five regional dispatch centres. Various departments work together from the time a fault is reported by the customer until it is rectified. The goal is the same for everyone: maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Author Larissa Mihalik

Eliminating faults in the network to ensure uninterrupted communication for customers is the top priority. At cablex, this process is ensured by efficient coordination between the "Planning & Control" and "Dispatching" departments. These departments play an important role in preparing the orders for the technicians in the field.

Mehrere Teams mit einem Ziel: eine Störung zu beheben

From receipt to rectification of a fault.

When the end customer reports a fault to the telecommunications service provider, our technicians are already almost ready to set off. But before the orders can be handed over to the specialists in the field, they are prepared correctly by the "Planning & Control" department and then assigned correctly by the "Dispatching" department. Their efficient coordination ensures that customer faults are rectified quickly and professionally.

Planning and Control team.

The Planning & Control team is the operational hub between the customers and the company (specialist organisations, Dispatching and field staff). The team's main task is to determine resource requirements by analysing customer orders and integrating this information into the systems. This ensures that cablex has sufficient capacity to take on the tasks that arise. The team also coordinates and organises the work processes to ensure that all orders are completed on time and efficiently.

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Dispatching team.

As soon as the resources are provided by Planning & Control, the orders are handed over to the Dispatching team. Our colleagues ensure that the technician receives the order with the right quality and the right materials at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. Ecological and economic principles are also taken into account in order to maximise resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. For example, by avoiding rush hours and with efficient route planning.

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The smooth processing of a fault report requires close cooperation between different departments, such as Workload Management, Dispatching and technical teams on site. This process enables faults to be rectified quickly and professionally to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We are proud to be able to offer our customers this seamless service.

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Change at the top of cablex.

After a successful decade as CEO of cablex, Daniel Binzegger has decided to leave the company.

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A philosophy that can be transferred.

He knows how to positively influence energy flows, interact with people and defend himself. In this episode of "Insights – our executive management up close and personal", we introduce you to our Chief Financial Officer.

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We don't just talk about it ...

We don't just talk about it, we actually work for social inclusion. The Solvita Foundation in Urdorf produces cable connections for cablex that are used for smart meters.

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Taster days at cablex.

Come and see for yourself! Register for a taster session for the Certified Network Electrician (VET), Certified Electrician (VET) or Certified Assembly Electrician (VET) apprenticeships.

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Ready to deliver top performance every day.

He is on the ball, motivated and ready to advance at full speed. This time, in "Insights – our executive management up close and personal", we would like to introduce you to Francesco Castelletti, Head of Field Services.

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A warm welcome and a great start at cablex!

Fifteen new colleagues began their training at cablex in August. cablex welcomes them warmly as they start their careers.

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The environment is important to all of us!

cablex takes responsibility and pursues its environmental goals 2023.

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Certified Electrician (VET).

No matter whether it's for electricity, telephony, internet or TV/radio in commercial or industrial buildings, as an installation professional you bring the nervous system inside buildings to life! Take your first step into the world of work at cablex.

Two apprentice assembly electricians laying cable in a company building.

Certified Assembly Electrician (VET).

No matter whether it's for electricity, telephony, internet or television/radio in commercial or industrial buildings – as an assembly professional, you have all the connections firmly under control! Start your professional future with us.

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Mendy on her role as a fibre optic installer.

Mendy Meichtry is a fibre optic installer at cablex in the Valais region. Daily work in fibre optics includes activities like splicing and BEP installation, but also cable pulling.

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Teams of cablex technicians train Swisscom apprentices.

The Field Services team of technicians and Swisscom apprentices: a win-win project. Our ICT technicians in the field pass on their specific specialist knowledge, and the Swisscom apprentices help them with their daily work.

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