Swisscom headquarters is ready for electric.

The charging infrastructure for electric cars at Swisscom’s headquarters in Worblaufen has been expanded by 18 AC charging stations and one DC charging station. This expansion will not only benefit employees at the location, but also any visitor driving an electric-based car. The whole project was realised by the e-mobility department at cablex.

Author Larissa Mihalik

The market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. Swisscom and cablex are also experiencing demand for charging stations in office buildings, which is why increasing numbers of locations are being equipped with charging stations. Sufficient AC charging stations and one DC charging station have been available to both employees and visitors in Worblaufen since September 2022.

The scale of the charging infrastructure expansion was such that it can be expanded further in the future without major costs being incurred. The existing photovoltaic system on the roof of the headquarters was also integrated into the energy and load management. When there is sufficient sunlight, the whole charging infrastructure can thus work using solar energy.

Electric mobility combined with a suitable load management and the integration of photovoltaic systems is the core competence of our department. We’ve been able to provide a comprehensive charging infrastructure at Swisscom’s headquarters. For fast charging, a DC charging station is now also available outdoors.

Fabio Häfliger, Supervising Technician in the e-mobility department

Swisscom headquarters is ready for electric cars.

AC and DC charging stations? What is the difference.

AC charging stations are compact charging stations that can be used at home for private electric cars or at the workplace for fleet operations. With a standard power output of 11-22 kW, charging often takes several hours. In contrast, charging batteries using the DC charging station, with a higher power output of 50-240 kW, takes just a few minutes or a few hours. That’s why a DC charging station is also called a fast-charging station and is particularly suitable for visitors, who only leave their cars for a few hours.

If you have any questions about e-mobility, please contact the following addresses. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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Swisscom headquarters is ready for electric.

The charging infrastructure for electric cars at Swisscom’s headquarters in Worblaufen has been expanded by 18 AC charging stations and one DC charging station.

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