Two apprentice assembly electricians laying cable in a company building.

Become a Cert. Assembly Electrician (VET).

Take your first step into the professional world at cablex!

Certified Assembly electrician (VET).

As a Certified Assembly Electrician with a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET), you ensure that power and data arrive exactly where they are needed.   

With your team, you lay the pipes for the cables in the building shell and set the boxes for the installation of apparatus and devices. During the installation work, you pull the cables through pipes and connect the necessary devices, sockets and switches. In the event of faults, you ensure that the problem is solved and the comfort that users are accustomed to is restored quickly.

Marion Stulz
by Marion Stulz
Human Resources

Key information at a glance.

This is what you can expect during your training as a Certified Assembly Electrician (VET).

  • A highly varied and engaging apprenticeship course with other apprentices across Switzerland and dedicated vocational trainers  
  • 3 year apprenticeship  
  • 1 day of vocational training per week and a total of 3 inter-company courses  
  • Supplementary support courses for your vocational training  
  • Business mobile and/or iPad  
  • Regular occupational health and safety training  
  • Workwear and safety equipment are provided (incl. laundry service for orange-coloured high-visibility clothing)  
Apprentice assembly electrician at work.
Apprentice assembly electrician working in a company building.

These are the benefits of an apprenticeship at cablex.

  • Up to 32 days of leave per year  
  • 41 hours per week  
  • 13 monthly salaries  
  • Monthly flat-rate expenses for off-site meals and refreshments  
  • GA Travelcard Youth 2nd class or half fare  
  • Discount on private Swisscom products and services (up to CHF 50 per month)  
  • Special conditions from various providers (sport, events, leisure, technology, etc.)  

Does that sound good to you? This is what we need from you.

  • School leaving certificate: You have completed compulsory education at the lower or upper secondary level with good to very good results. Your strengths lie in mathematics and physics. You have no problem communicating in German, whether spoken or written.  
  • Flair for electrical technology: You are fascinated by electrical technology issues and relationships.  
  • Manual skills: Thanks to your manual dexterity and fine motor skills, you complete manual work quickly and deftly.  
  • Weatherproof: Wind and weather don't knock you down easily and you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for outdoor work.  
  • Good perception of colours: You are not colour blind and can accurately distinguish the cable colours.  
  • Conscientious: You pay attention to detail, work in a focused manner and enjoy working with others. Even with the safety precautions, you must always remember that you work with electricity and this requires responsible behaviour.  
  • Versatile: You like to be out and about – be it in commercial, office or industrial facilities, power plants or on construction sites. Thanks to your pleasant manner, you get along with everyone without any problems. 

Have we convinced you? Apply now.

Incidentally: a taster course is part of the selection process when submitting an application, so you don't have to apply for a taster course separately.

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Sanja Knezevic – HR Business Partner

Sanja Knezevic

I will be glad to help answer your questions about an apprenticeship at one of the following locations: St. Gallen SG, Zürich ZH. 

Leyla Arabchahi – HR Business Partner

Leyla Arabchahi

I will be glad to help answer your questions about an apprenticeship at one of the following locations: Penthalaz VD, Genève GE. 

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Karin Loosli

I will be glad to help answer your questions about an apprenticeship at one of the following locations: Gümligen BE. 

Sheila Gianini – HR Business Partner

Sheila Gianini

I will be glad to help answer your questions about an apprenticeship at one of the following locations: Giubiasco TI. 

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