Network Electrician EFZ with a focus on telecommunications.

Check the latest videos on TikTok quickly? Call gran while on holiday? Order the cool sneakers online? Or just facetiming for hours with your girlfriend on the other side of the world?  
This and much more is only possible thanks to you as an EFZ network electrician specialising in telecommunications.

by Sanja Knezevic
Human Resources

Together with your team, you enable global communication and data exchanges - between people and/or machines. You lay, install, connect and maintain data and communications networks - from the telephone exchange, to the customer's house connection, to mobile communication antennas. You will be let in on the secrets of copper and fibre optic technology and, at the end of your apprenticeship, you will be able to analyse and fix faults or problems.  Whether in the cable shaft or on the pylon - you work primarily outdoors in a team and are on the road a lot. 

Your education.

  • 3 years
  • 1 day of vocational training per week
  • 10 industry-wide courses

Network electrician (EFZ).

What you bring.

School leaving certificate – Check!

You have completed compulsory education at the middle elementary school level with very good results or at the upper elementary school level with good results.  

Your strengths at school.

Your strengths lie in mathematics and physics. What's more, you can communicate very well in German, both orally and in writing. 


A knack for technology.

You are enthusiastic about technology and are good with your hands. You can therefore lend a hand physically as well as with a lot of consideration when needed.  



The great outdoors instead of office air.

You prefer to work outside and discover new areas instead of sitting inside at the same desk all the time.  


Reliable team player.

You can always be relied on - you're a real team player and know what's important. Thanks to your pleasant manner, you get along with everyone without any problems. 


Weatherproof and not afraid of heights.

Thanks to your resilient constitution, wind and weather won't knock you down so quickly. What's more, airy heights and narrow shafts are not a problem for you.  


Concentrazione sul lavoro.

Grazie al tuo modo di lavorare concentrato e preciso, per te «responsabilità» non è solo una parola.


Sharpened senses.

You have good vision and hearing and no limitations when it comes to seeing colours. 

Your next steps.

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