A new helmsman for the journey into the digital future.

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The digital transformation in the economy and society is progressing at high speed. And to manage and guide cablex into the "premier digital league", the position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) was created with a start date of 1. August, 2020. The new helmsman on board is Markus van Heijningen, a proven IT expert with tremendous enthusiasm for digital solutions. He comes with a great deal of experience in the ICT environment and has already accompanied extensive strategy processes during his career. Markus van Heijningen reports directly to the CFO and will orchestrate the digital transformation at cablex.

Author Roman Kappeler

Urs Ringgenberg, Head of Business Unit Finance & Supply Chain Management, describes the position and challenges of the CDO for cablex.

Why does the CDO report directly to the CFO?

In my business unit, I am responsible for control and service functions throughout the company. The CDO role is positioned perfectly here, as he will drive forward our digitisation projects in order to ensure cablex remains a key player in the market through innovative solutions. The CDO requires a high degree of freedom to act and make decisions. Digitisation-based initiatives must be channelled correctly and enacted quickly. This is only possible if the position is situated directly below executive management. The goal of our executive management is to be the number one in our industry in the future with digitisation projects as well.

What are the CDO’s duties at cablex?

Markus van Heijningen will first of all develop the digital vision for cablex. He will then derive the correct strategies for the company from that vision and, following this, implement them internally and externally. He will set the course for our journey into the digital future.

For example, we would like to continue expanding our influence in the area of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This will be in close cooperation with external partners, such as universities, start-ups or municipalities, in order to generate true added value and hence a competitive edge in the market.

Another very important task of the CDO is to establish and maintain an internal and external network. Dialogue with the Chief Digital Officers of other companies or communities will support the joint development of digitisation-based initiatives. Furthermore, we will use keynotes at events or symposia to furnish information about the digital visions of cablex.

Markus van Heijningen will also represent cablex and Swisscom in the consortium of the digital complete logistics system "Cargo sous terrain" (CST). With the 500 kilometre long, underground freight transport system, Switzerland will make a quantum leap in freight logistics as of 2031. During construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel, cablex was able to prove its expertise in the field of digitisation in an impressive way through its handling of the engineering activities for the Ceneri railway technology.

Extensive skills are required in the role of CDO, which Markus van Heijningen possesses in an ideal way. Experience in business development and production processes are just as important as innovative thinking and collaborative and technical skills.

The remarks by Urs Ringgenberg show that expectations placed on the new position at cablex are high. The position of helmsman for the journey into the digital future has been taken over by Markus van Heijningen, and the goals of the new digital orientation for the company have been set. cablex is ready and will tackle the new challenges in the market wholeheartedly and with a great deal of commitment.

Markus van Heijningen Portrait
Markus van Heijningen

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