Brienz-Brinzauls slides and causes disruption.

Brienz-Brinzauls is a village with around 110 inhabitants that is moving towards the valley. The slide caused a network disruption in November 2022. The cablex team from Zizers has found a sustainable solution to guarantee the village's network connection in the future.

Author Larissa Mihalik

The village of Brienz-Brinzauls is constantly on the move. It is sliding down the valley at a rate of about one metre a year. The movement has now stretched the main underground supply line and caused the pipe to rupture. This pipe rupture broke the fibre glass connection to the micro CAN and caused a network failure for around 17 households.

Brienz-Brinzauls slides and causes disruption.

A quick solution for now and a sustainable one for the future.

Around 17 households were affected by the disruption in November 2022, and they had no Internet connection for a few hours. After some quick troubleshooting and fault repairs, the two damaged fibre glass connections were spliced to two intact fibres. In order to avoid another disruption over the winter period, a temporary pipeline was then laid above ground.

Looking for the shaft.

The assigned team stood in front of the marked location of the slab shaft to open it and fix the network problem. A slab shaft is always installed below the ground surface, which of course means it is no longer visible from above. When the team started to dig out the marked location to access the shaft, there was no shaft to be found anywhere. As the village has been sliding, the shaft had also moved over the past few years. Luckily, the slab shaft was found a few metres further down.

However, more is needed to provide a sustainable solution. Leaving the network connections underground no longer makes any sense. All of the connections must therefore be installed above ground. An overhead line should ensure that the landslides do not cause any further disruptions in future. The overhead line in Brienz will be built in spring 2023.

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Brienz-Brinzauls slides and causes disruption.

Brienz-Brinzauls is a village with around 110 inhabitants that is moving towards the valley.

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