cablex at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

From 9. ‒ 11. June, 2022, the first big open air event since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis was finally able to take place again, at Interlaken airfield (BE). 40 bands performed at the Greenfield Festival to around 84,000 thrilled rock and punk lovers. The LAN connection was installed perfectly and was very stable, thanks to cablex!

Author Martina Strazzer

While many small bands and three festival headliners kept the atmosphere at its peak, our ICT technician Cédric Schwab was behind the scenes to make sure all network connections withstood the spectacular event. 

The technology on site.

On behalf of Swisscom Broadcast, Media & Events (MEV), our hard-working technical team installed the directional beam Internet connection from the airfield tower for the media container (for journalists and photographers) as well as for the cash register system of a discount food retailer about 400 metres away. The latter has been on site with a "mobile supermarket" for many years now. Connectivity for the musicians and their crews was also ensured during the three day event with several access points and switches.

In total, approximately eight to ten APs, seven switches, ten Yealink IP Phones, one Centro Business, two directional beam connections and one 4G mobile router were installed. 

We asked Cédric, who successfully mastered the on-call service in Interlaken, to give us his opinion on behalf of all the cablex Field Services technicians involved in the installation and removal:

I was on standby and provided on-call service at the festival from around 10.45 a.m. to 9.15 p.m. during the three days. Colleagues set up the installations perfectly and the internet connection was stable at all times. My work was limited to an additional internet cable that was needed, from a switch to another area. Apart from that, I was glad that my workplace on the festival grounds was shielded somewhat from the very loud and intense music!

Cédric Schwab, ICT technician with cablex.

During the removal work at Interlaken, some of the facilities were able to be retained for the "Wild West". That’s because from 24. ‒ 26. June, 2022, the annual Trucker & Country Festival will take place on the same site, with many well-known country and blues artists this year.

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cablex at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

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