Cashless payments thanks to cablex.

Reference project in the service business.

cablex expands its cooperation with SIX Payment Services in the cantons of Grisons, Ticino, and Geneva. More than 25 service technicians install and maintain different versions of payment terminals for SIX in the three Swiss regions mainly in shops, restaurants, petrol stations and car parks.

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The contract with Six Payment Services was concluded back in 2013. The company operates all across Switzerland. This gave cablex the opportunity at that time to support the service providers with the installation, maintenance, and replacement of payment terminals in the cantons of Grisons, Ticino, and Geneva.

The contract has now been expanded. cablex will install around 100 new payment terminals this year. However, our work for SIX Payment Services is still focussed on troubleshooting. Each year, we receive a total of around 1000 orders and carry out internal training regularly in order to prepare additional colleagues for their respective assignments in the field.

The range of tasks.

The orders arrive at the Customer Service Desk, and the tickets are assigned to a team member from the Field Services area. This is followed by making an appointment with the customer, preparing for the visit to the customer, and providing the equipment that is necessary based on the order. The new terminal is then put into operation or repaired at the customer’s location. Each device is checked on-site with various test cards, and the customer is given specific training in the event of new installations or replacements. Old devices are uninstalled and taken away by the cablex team. 

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In the on-call service—on weekends and holidays for example—our customer, the company SIX Payment Services, can directly contact a colleague from the cablex Field Services team. That way, the assignment is coordinated directly and quickly if there is an incident.

On the road for the customer.

The orders in the Canton of Grisons are handled by ten Field Services participants. There is a team of seven people in the Canton of Ticino, and cablex has nine people in the Canton of Geneva. That way, we ensure short reaction times and efficient handling of the orders.

cablex’s solid presence throughout Switzerland enables us to intervene quickly and with highly qualified staff in every corner of the country. Our organization means we are able to repair faults in payment terminals at very short notice, in compliance with service level agreements that in some cases provide for repair within just four hours of receipt of the fault notification. I am delighted that SIX Payment Services continues to place its trust in our services after many years of collaboration. Particular thanks go to all the service technicians, who work with passion and professionalism to meet the high demands of our clients.

Mirko Marghitola, service manager at cablex responsible for SIX Payment Services.

The areas of application.

When we talk about 1000 orders per year, this can refer to different areas of application. Three out of four orders that are coordinated by our Customer Service Desk are faults on payment terminals that call for a quick assignment. In most cases, the reaction time from the fault report until it is ‑fixed can be a maximum of four hours!

However, our team of technicians also head out to perform new installations, replacements, and inspections. An area of application that is sure to grow strongly after the pandemic will be the temporary installation and support of payment terminals at larger events, for example the Festival Moon & Stars in Locarno.

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Terminal variants.

Not all payment terminals are the same. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to give intensive training to the cablex colleagues who will later work in the field.

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There are cash register-dependent terminals that have to be connected to the power mains with a cable. Mobile implementations only require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Cash register-integrated terminals with contactless technology allow for fast, cashless payment. There is an increasing trend to have unattended terminals for petrol stations, car parks, and supermarkets.

This reference project shows how versatile, flexible, and committed cablex is for the great variety of target groups. Quality, security, and customer satisfaction are very important to us, and we demonstrate this with tremendous commitment every day out in the field.

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