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Coronavirus – cablex is taking steps to protect employees, customers and partners.

Anyone can see that coronavirus is currently having an enormous impact on life in Switzerland. As part of a Swisscom taskforce and within the cablex crisis team, we have also been working intensively on this topic since the end of January 2020, and we are aware that fear and uncertainty are rife in many places. Our greatest concern is the protection of our employees, customers and Partners.

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Author Zaira Tschudi

We are providing our employees with a steady stream of information about the current situation, steps taken and the consequences for them using various channels and in several languages. Such information refers to the recommendations and directions of official bodies, including the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). We are also taking independent steps that we are implementing consistently.

The following measures have been put in place for the protection of cablex employees and customers:

  • Using various channels, our employees are continuously kept informed of and instructed to follow the hygiene measures defined by the Federal Office of Public Health.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at all cablex locations for employees who are unable to wash their hands regularly.
  • Working from home is a fixed part of the corporate culture at cablex and is supported – irrespective of the current crisis situation. Wherever possible from an operational perspective, our staff are currently working from home.
  • Even in the event of mild symptoms, our employees are required to stay at home, call a doctor and recover within their own four walls. Before they resume contact with people outside their home, they should also be symptom-free for two days.
  • For employees who are in contact with customers: Meetings are to be conducted online wherever possible.
  • Our cleaning staff have been trained and instructed to clean and disinfect critical surfaces multiple times. Certain locations are currently being cleaned even more frequently than usual.
  • Employees travel within Switzerland only when it is essential for operational reasons. Public transport should be avoided at peak times.
  • cablex has banned all business travel to other countries until further notice.
  • Employees who are unable to comply with "physical distancing" (sometimes known as "social distancing") should report this to their manager, and steps will be taken immediately for the protection of employees and customers.

Despite coronavirus, the stability of cablex is guaranteed.

For privacy reasons, cablex will not communicate information about any possible staff infections externally. Should an employee who is in contract with customers be proven to be infected with COVID-19, the relevant bodies will contact the individuals in question in accordance with government regulations.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and will implement any other measures necessary to protect our employees, customers and partners.

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