Electric company cars – an important step for e-mobility at cablex.

Electric cars for cablex staff and a new business unit at IBS for installing charging stations.

The topic of e-mobility is hotter than ever. With the replacement of around 60 company cars with electric Škoda Enyaq iV models, cablex is also making a contribution to sustainable development. We asked two members of staff about why this switch is beneficial to them.

Author Larissa Mihalik

Why did you decide to switch to an electric car?

Sven Schuler: “The personal footprint, definitely. I already have a photovoltaic system installed at home, which obviously makes an electric car even more beneficial. The long-term switch to e-mobility is my personal contribution to a carbon neutral future. I’m also very interested in the technology involved and how this will develop in future. I also see huge potential for cablex to push forward even further with this topic.”

Christof Reimann: “Before making the decision, I scrutinised all the technical details and carefully examined the Škoda Enyaq iV for myself. The Škoda is a high-quality car with a price-performance ratio to match. It goes without saying that the sustainability aspect also played a role in my decision.”

The reasons for a change are obvious. On one hand, the Enyaq iV is a stylish, modern SUV, but it also offers the possibility of minimising CO2 emissions and taking another step towards meeting climate goals. Nonetheless, opinions still remain divided when it comes to electric cars.

One reason for this may be connected to production of the batteries, with headlines focusing in particular on how cobalt is sourced and mined. On the other hand, a lot of investments are also being made, such as in the further development of the lithium-ion batteries also used in electric cars, for example. Used batteries are already being repurposed as second-life batteries in electrical storage units.


In terms of charging infrastructure, Norway is the undisputed number one. Germany, France and Switzerland also have a very well-developed network of charging stations, followed by the other countries in Central Europe. In Eastern Europe, however, the development of charging stations is still in its infancy. For those who live and work in Switzerland, the argument on charging infrastructure is above all a reason to decide for an electric car.

Skoda Ladestation

Sven, which steps have to be taken to install a charging station at home?

“You can of course now charge an electric car at virtually every rest stop along the motorways in Switzerland. Apps can be used to see the locations of all charging stations across Europe. However, when you own an electric car a charging station installed back home is absolutely essential. cablex supports its staff and external customers here, whether in clarifying the situation with the home check or when installing the wallbox.One thing that has to be clarified in advance is a feasibility check by the electricity company in terms of the grid capacity. A check has to be made as to whether sufficient power can be supplied, for example.”

"This is followed by a technical application for the connection, with the granting of consent by the building owner or management company also necessary depending on the individual situation. The charging station is then installed and put into operation by cablex (CX-IBS-INF). This service is offered both to in-house staff and also private customers.”

Christof, how long did it take until the charging station was up and running, and who took on the costs for it?

“This all depends on how fast the electricity company is. In my case, it took three to four weeks until I was given the green light to build the charging station.”

“I recommend taking all the necessary steps in good time and planning accordingly. It may also take longer in the case of rented apartments as many other things have to be clarified here. The installation of a charging station itself takes around half a day. Swisscom contributes a monthly fixed sum towards the electricity costs and the costs for the charging station.”

Many people complain about the short range offered by electric cars. Sven, what do you think about this and how does the range of the Enyaq iV measure up? Is it suitable for everyday work?

“TheEnyaq iV has a range of 300 to 500 kilometres. How the car is driven plays a decisive role here. In contrast to cars with combustion engines, more power is consumed on the motorway when driving at constant speed. In my opinion, the distance is completely fine in practice.”

The role of cablex.

cablex is responsible for the planning and installation of charging stations. We offer customers an open system that is extremely product-neutral and can be incorporated into energy management. cablex also maintains important partnerships in order to pool joint interests.

cablex is a strong, reliable partner, whether in the field of e-mobility or in the outdoor connection of DC charging stations thanks to its long-standing know-how in civil engineering. We advise our customers in load and energy management as these are the key factors for optimal planning of the infrastructure.

With this project, Swisscom and cablex are reaching an important milestone in their quest for added sustainability. The goal is to replace even more company cars with electric cars and to continuously reduce CO2 emissions.

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