Hardware Rollout at CONCORDIA.

For nine months, the cablex Workplace team carried out hardware replacement at the headquarters of the health and pension insurer CONCORDIA in Lucerne and in its Swiss service centres, agencies and branch offices. Undertaken on behalf of Swisscom, this was a big project for cablex, and was completed with a great deal of passion and dedication in June last year.

Author Martina Strazzer

Many regulations and specifications.

At first glance, such a project wouldn't appear to be a great challenge for our experienced technicians. However, the equipment involved was not standard, as all modules had been adapted in line with the individual requirements of CONCORDIA. 

Individual meant, for example, that the profiles of workplace sets equipment should not be mixed up during the move. Physical locations were linked in the set with a location/floor and zones, and assigned to fixed cost centres. The hardware components also received CONCORDIA stickers, the labelling of which had to comply with precise specifications. Similarly stringent requirements were also applied to inventoried devices.

Peter Wydler, Project Manager at Swisscom on the rollout:

As the responsible project manager on the part of Swisscom, I consistently received positive customer feedback about the work of the cablex technicians on site. This was certainly a project where cablex was able to expand its know how.

Peter Wydler, Project Manager at Swisscom.

Our job.

CONCORDIA employees were equipped with about 500 laptops and docking stations as well as 3400 monitors and 400 mobile screens for customer visits. Storage, staging and distribution of the hardware components for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein were handled by the Swisscom Maintenance & Repair Center (with storage at its partner ALSO) in Emmen, LU.

Overall responsibility for the rollout and instruction of the cablex team was handled by Swisscom. The Workplace team from the Infrastructure & Business Solutions unit at cablex assumed the task of clarifying the more detailed aspects of the project. This in addition to the extensive dispatching activities, i.e. regional deployment planning and control. Alongside the actual installation work, functional checks and the acceptance protocol were also part of the workload for each location.

Around 40 cablex employees were involved with the project during the rollout. We continue to carry out all service work throughout Switzerland, and we are also tasked with clearing up hardware inventories with regard to closed or newly opened locations. The cablex team also provided these services before the rollout. 

Patrick Vögtlin was responsible for the extensive project on the part of cablex: 

The rollout project for CONCORDIA has shown that we at cablex, with our Workplace team, are able to implement rollout projects successfully throughout the whole of Switzerland. The cooperation with Swisscom worked very well and was an important success factor within the project. My personal thanks go out, first and foremost, to my colleagues throughout Switzerland, who actively led the project to a successful conclusion with a great deal of passion and dedication.

Patrick Vögtlin, Project Manager at cablex AG.

The rollout was very well coordinated and successfully executed by cross-regional cablex teams. We are very pleased that the success of the project has also been confirmed by our contact at CONCORDIA, Marco Stutzer, project manager of the CONCORDIA Workplace 4.0 project:

The cooperation with cablex during the rollout was very positive. Thanks to a regular exchange of information, we were able to make targeted improvements together. This in turn allowed us to continually optimise the organisation activities. The colleagues from cablex stood out thanks to their friendly and helpful manner on site. Their dedication made a real contribution towards the success of our project.

Marco Stutzer, Project Manager at CONCORDIA.

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Hardware Rollout at CONCORDIA.

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