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The well-known, yellow departure information, zone plans and departure monitors at SBB train stations have become obsolete. Starting in autumn 2020, they will be gradually replaced by smart information displays (SIDs). These are barrier-free, interactive and also provide the option to display content dynamically and specific to the location. cablex was awarded the contract from SBB to realise this thrilling project as the full-service general contractor for the Midland and South regions.

Author Carolin Rabea Primerova

Installation Smart Information Display (SID)

"cablex and the Infrastructure business unit are very proud that they were allowed to take part in this project and are doing everything to ensure that it is a complete success, both for the customer and for cablex. (Project manager Enos Pizio)

The SIDs will be found primarily at small- and medium-size train stations. As the full-service general contractor for the Midland and South regions, cablex is responsible for the planning, construction and final documentation of this project – initially up to 2022. With its performance to date, the Infrastructure business unit has already shown its competence and trustworthiness as a partner for future SBB projects.

SID installation by the Build and Run unit.

A few weeks before the actual installation of the SID, cablex civil work teams (CWO) made sure that the analogue display was removed from its current position and positioned at its temporary location until the SID is put into operation. Among other things, this included removing the casing, sealing the old foundation and repairing the flooring.

After dismantling the analogue display, the CWO team from Unterentfelden was also responsible for the civil engineering and building the foundation for the new display. The installation of the interface box, which will be integrated in the SID later, was also part of the CWO team's remit.

Additional work:

  • installation of the power supply
  • optical fibre connection of the Venus Box
  • opening the shaft and pulling cable
  • restoration of the affected pipe and cable seals
  • connection of the technical rooms with optical fibre

Samuel Schaffner, head of civil work, on the significance of this project for cablex and the CWO business unit

"It fills us with pride to be allowed to carry out a project of this magnitude for SBB. We are working tirelessly with heart and soul to ensure success for all those involved. The civil work team is happy to accept the challenge of the roll-out in the next two years (by 2022). Our planning is already quite advanced, and we are ready to start in January 2021 without delay.

The CWO team can look back at many years of experience and naturally has the necessary expertise. Nevertheless, we are continuing to develop ourselves. It is our hope that the work we perform for this project today and in the next few years will prove that the trust placed in us by the customer is justified and motivate SBB to work with us again in future."

SID installation by the Build and Run unit.

As soon as the civil engineering has been completed, the foundation erected, and the power supply and the optical fibre connection are secured, the Build and Run unit (BRU) will take the helm.

All other work steps up to commissioning of the display by the supplier are now in the hands of the infrastructure team BRU. Joel Schafer is responsible for the installations in Suhr. Since Suhr is one of the first train stations in which SIDs were installed, cablex project manager Enos Pizio is also on-site to get an impression of the installation processes and provide a helping hand if necessary.

Work that is accurate down to the millimetre – how it works.

There is an early start to the day of the installation. The displays are ready in their transport boxes, and the areas on the platforms where the work will take place are blocked off. Transporting the displays on the wheel loader through the train station is precision work and calls for a great deal of skill, patience and team members whose instructions can be relied on during the transport.

When the platform is reached, the display is detached from the wooden transport box. The protective cover that the civil work team put over the interface box is also removed. A lifting device developed especially by cablex is used to gingerly lift the SID onto the foundation where it is then secured.

The screw connections of the display are marked using paint. That way it is possible to establish later whether the screws are still tight or if they have loosened. Joel Schafer takes a "paint photo" for the documentation. Afterwards, the interface box is installed and connected. The Build and Run team must now check the installation based on an visual and electrical checklist. Next comes the commissioning by the SID supplier.

The project leaders care deeply about success:

"The displays are very modern and have a very high recognition factor. Every day, thousands of commuters and other train passengers all across Switzerland look at the displays that we installed. Consequently, we take great care during the installation to ensure the safety of our employees and passengers is guaranteed at all times. (Enos Pizio, Project Manager)"

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