No Engadine Skimarathon without cablex!

The lifting of the Corona measures, optimal weather conditions and dedicated efforts from our cablex technician, Clà Luzzi, ensured that the 52nd Engadine Skimarathon was a complete success after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

Author Martina Strazzer

On Sunday, 13 March 2022, around 11,000 runners left the starting line in Maloja at 1820 metres above sea level and completed the 42 kilometres to the finish in S-chanf at 1680 metres above sea level with some fantastic times. Around 80% of the active participants came from Switzerland. In the end, Swiss athletes won both the men's and women's races. Dario Cologna finished second behind Roman Furger in his last international competition. 

Seamless WLAN coverage.

cablex was once again responsible for the overall Internet infrastructure, which it prepared on behalf of Swisscom Event & Media Solutions (SEM). In Maloja, Clà and many volunteers pulled approx. 200 m of line from the wastewater treatment plant to the starting area on the lake and installed it for timekeeping. A connection for the finish line of the half marathon was provided in Pontresina.

Most of the work, however, was done in the finish area at the S-chanf gate. This included the cabling of the media centre as well as the installation of optical fibre switches to the broadcasting vans and reporters' booths. Routine work for our specialist, which must however be carried out in concentrated and error-free manner to enable fault-free connections and data transmissions. 

Clà Luzzi, ICT technician in the Field Services are, was once again involved in this renowned ski event with heart and soul, and was quick to find the right words for his deployment: 

The Engadine Skimarathon in my home canton is quite a fol festival. Families meet up with athletes and stand along the course to cheer on their acquaintances and relatives. The event is always perfectly organised and the atmosphere on site is very relaxed, and I'm already looking forward to my technical work deployment in winter 2023.

Clà Luzzi, ICT-technician in the Field Services

Mann auf Freileitungsmast

Modern network construction via overhead lines.

No work access holes and fast Internet connections in Wolhusen thanks to XGS-PON.

Three new antennas improve performance.

The upgrade to the site at Uezwil will allow customers to benefit from a high-performance mobile network in future.

New reference: LEB tunnel opened in the heart of Lausanne.

Impressive: from the construction site to the finished structure. We look back at the 3 construction phases in the Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher tunnel.


Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

Phase out - migration of a central office in Zurich.

The Füssli central office near Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse is dissolved. All customers who are connected from here are migrated to the surrounding nodes.

Advice, advice and even more advice at the BEA.

cablex has a permanent place at the Swisscom stand for all questions regarding home networking.

Roll-out completed in around 180 chemist's.

The cablex customer promise was realised in its entirety during the roll-out of the till systems.

smart cablex.

In our Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Construction and innovation, we implement innovative and forward-looking solutions for you.

cablex Academy.

The cablex Academy teaches specialist skills (competences) in the fields of network construction, service and installation. Here, focus is on the area of network construction for telecommunication.

Overhead line transport with drones.

In the third pilot project, overhead line masts were transported through rough terrain using cargo drones. The goal is the health and safety of our employees.

cablex in direct contact with SME customers on the spot.

In addition to the technical installation of the POS systems, cablex also provides SME customers with regular support.

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