Passionately facilitating the networked world.

Four employees talk about their biggest professional challenge at cablex. Their stories serve to represent the efforts rendered by all employees on a daily basis to ensure that we can quickly, reliably and securely network our customers. "Passionately facilitating the networked world" – this is the message of our new image film.

Author Carolin Rabea Primerova

Image film – Passionately facilitating the networked world!

Behind the stories:

"networked" – one word, many meanings: Wired, via radio or in connection with the power grid, road or rail network. And always at the centre of what we do: our customers and one word, "passionate". It's no different in these four stories.

Fire causes major incident in Ticino.

A mill in Ticino is burnt down to the ground. The mobile communication antenna that stood on the roof of the grain silo was also destroyed. Consequently the network went down in large areas of the region. Davide explains how, under significant pressure, a suitable temporary solution was authorised and established after a suitable location had been found. Interregional and interdepartmental cooperation, the sharing of information, tasks and specialist knowledge, as well as the tireless effort and determination of the teams to achieve a successful conclusion: these are the cablex strengths that this story represents.

The challenges of a large project in the heart of Lausanne.

Philippe explains the challenges that a large project brings: in the heart of Lausanne, the traffic must be alleviated at one of the busiest and most accident-prone intersections. Consequently, a new railway tunnel is built in the city centre. As part of the LEB (Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher) building project, Philippe was part of the overall project management and was in charge of all tasks pertaining to railway technology. His story represents the highly qualified employees of cablex, our ability to plan, coordinate and execute large projects, as well as the benefits of the extensive portfolio of services offered by cablex.

Responsible for networking thousands of connections.

In the third story, Stefanie outlines how cablex broke up a backbone local exchange in the heart of Zurich. Thousands of customers had to be migrated to surrounding hubs, including financial institutions and other business customers. Stefanie's story shows the strengths of cablex in planning and engineering – above all, however, it shows the meaningful role that cablex performs in building and maintaining a stable, quick, secure and modern network for Switzerland.

A flair for contact with customers.

In story number four, Field Services specialist Sandro does some detective work. A customer is seeing Swisscom TV recordings appear that she hasn't programmed, for a neighbour, the situation is reversed: in his case, recordings are vanishing as if by magic. This story represents our intuition for customer needs, our commitment to our profession, and our pride in the role we perform.

Partnership between Dätwyler and cablex.

Our technical team is highly motivated and has the necessary expertise for the partnership.

No dead zone: 5G reception in rural areas.

Bad network in the countryside? Far from it! New 5G mobile sites are also being built in rural regions.

Portal der neuen Gubriströhre

cablex connects the tunnel infrastructure in Gubrist.

cablex realises the optical fibre expansion and signalling systems in the third gubrist tunnel.

Beleuchtete Autobahn bei Nacht_24-9.jpg


Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

150 metres of optical fibre cable for "Zermatt unplugged".

A modern WLAN solution (Nimbra) was connected to the optical fibre connection.

In action for Colt for seven years.

Seven ICT technicians and two order managers meet customers' high demands.

Change of leadership in the Wireless PBX division.

A big thank you to Martin Müller, who is leaving cablex after eleven years to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.


smart cablex.

In our Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Construction and innovation, we implement innovative and forward-looking solutions for you.

cablex Academy.

The cablex Academy teaches specialist skills (competences) in the fields of network construction, service and installation. Here, focus is on the area of network construction for telecommunication.

Heating control with Swiss precision.

The building intelligence solution enables efficient heating control.

Re-appointment of the position of Chief Information Security Officer.

After two months in office, Manuel Ziegler answered our questions about his new role at cablex:

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