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Smart meters are the future.

The smart meter rollout for Werke am Zürichsee AG began in March of this year: ten to twelve meter changes per day and the development of media meters for gas and water. The plan is to replace 19 000 electricity meters as well as 6000 water and 3000 gas meters. The execution is carried out by our ICT specialists. 

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Author Martina Strazzer

The Energy Strategy 2050 stipulates that by the end of 2027, at least 80 per cent of all households and businesses in the grid area of an electricity supplier must be retrofitted with intelligent electricity metering systems, known as smart meters. Our technical teams are well-versed in the field and actively support Swiss energy suppliers in retrofitting projects.
In the pilot phase for Werke am Zürichsee AG, 80 smart meters and 30 media meters were installed last year. The result was very satisfactory and therefore we were awarded the contract to carry out the complete replacement in the municipalities of Zollikon, Küsnacht and Erlenbach for Werke am Zürichsee AG.

I find cablex to be a very committed and reliable partner. We discuss all topics openly and work out the best solution together. The technicians give their all, and I appreciate this professional and appreciative cooperation very much.

Tim Kernahan, Measurement Data Acquisition Specialist, Werke am Zürichsee AG.

Smart Meter Rollout in Zurich.

Our range of tasks.

cablex can retrieve the orders very quickly and easily from software operated by Werke am Zürichsee AG and subsequently arrange appointments with the electricity customer directly. After the initial inspection of the respective property, our team of technicians will carry out meticulously detailed planning in order to minimise the time needed for the actual meter replacement later on. This includes, among other things, the letters to the owners of the properties, detailed appointment arrangements and clarification of the specific procedures of a meter change. Our tasks also include logistical coordination and operating a hotline for customer queries.

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The cooperation with Werke am Zürichsee AG is going very well. We receive all the necessary planning basics in good time so that we can coordinate our installation work precisely. In addition, any problems can be directly addressed and resolved through the uncomplicated and collegial exchange.

Manuel Nünlist, Project Manager at cablex.

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cablex as a key element in the Swisscom Shop rollout.

Shopping Arena, St. Gallen. It is the 18th Swisscom Shop to be converted by the cablex electrical department based in St. Gallen. The team designed the entire electrical installation in the shop according Swisscom's new Retina concept.

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Grossbaustelle in Schwamendingen

The watchful eye in the night.

cablex is responsible for the installation management of the operating and safety equipment on the night shift.

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Wi-Fi for the Paléo Festival.

cablex und Swisscom arbeiten Hand in Hand zusammen.

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Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

Den Smart Metern gehört die Zukunft-Hero 24-9

Smart meters are the future.

Our ICT specialists convert Zurich households to smart electricity meters.

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Gilbert Granelli

One executive management team - eleven personalities.

In our series "Insights - our executive management up close" we introduce you to the people who manage cablex.

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Partnership between Dätwyler and cablex.

Our technical team is highly motivated and has the necessary expertise for the partnership.

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smart cablex.

In our Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Construction and innovation, we implement innovative and forward-looking solutions for you.

cablex Academy 24-9

cablex Academy.

The cablex Academy teaches specialist skills (competences) in the fields of network construction, service and installation. Here, focus is on the area of network construction for telecommunication.

5G Bettwil 24-9

No dead zone: 5G reception in rural areas.

Bad network in the countryside? Far from it! New 5G mobile sites are also being built in rural regions.

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Portal neue Gubriströhre

cablex connects the tunnel infrastructure in Gubrist.

cablex realises the optical fibre expansion and signalling systems in the third gubrist tunnel.

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