Stefan Nünlist

Stefan Nünlist networks with employees and projects.

Stefan Nünlist has been the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of cablex since the beginning of the year. Nünlist previously held the position of Head of Communications at Swisscom for over 20 years and was a member of the Group Executive Board. He took over the position on the cablex Board of Directors from Eugen Stermetz, the Chief Financial Officer of Swisscom.  

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Author Carolin Rabea Primerova

Stefan Nünlist's first few months in his new position were all about "meeting and greeting". With a great deal of passion and curiosity, he visited employees from various business areas and familiarised himself with the areas of activity at cablex. 

Smart energy solutions, network construction and civil work.  

In Lucerne, Nünlist gained some insight into two projects from the "Energy Management" division. He is very interested in intelligent installations and sustainable energy concepts. His visit focussed on smart meter installations and a tour of a building that cablex has equipped with photovoltaic modules and battery storage for a business customer.  

Even though Stefan Nünlist is very familiar with the telecommunications sector after more than 20 years at Swisscom, he didn't miss the opportunity to visit a Swisscom central office – with a completely new perspective on things. The on-site network construction team gave him an insight into cablex's areas of activity. Starting with actual optical fibre cable, the familiarisation tour finally led to the end point of the line in the customer's connection box.  

A visit to the civil work site in Unterentfelden was also on the programme. By laying the cable pipes, this division provides the structural conditions for installing the optical fibre cable. There was also enough time for a test drive with the excavator: and we can reveal that the new Chairman of the Board of Directors did very well. 

Smart Meter Installation, Stefan Nünlist
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Smart Meter Installation, Stefan Nünlist.

Smart Meter Installation
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Smart Meter Installation.

Zwei Männer in einer Swisscom Zentrale
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Stefan Nünlist on a tour of a Swisscom central office.

Zwei Männer in einer Swisscom Zentrale
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Stefan Nünlist on a tour of a Swisscom central office.

Stefan Nünlist vor einer Kabelrolle mit cablex Mitarbeiter.
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Mann schaufelt mit einem Bagger Sand in einen Container
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Stefan Nünlist tests his digging skills.

Stefan Nünlist's commitment is well received. 

"It's exciting to see how Stefan, as our Chairman of the Board of Directors, is getting to know cablex, and how he is interested not only in our services and products, but also in the people behind the work," says Roman Kappeler, Head of Communications at cablex AG. He adds: "It also shows how diverse our activities are, which we carry out on behalf of our satisfied customers with passion every day." 

Who is Stefan Nünlist? 

Stefan Nünlist was Head of Corporate Communications at Swisscom for over 20 years. They appreciated him there for "helping to shape many of Swisscom's milestones as Head of Communications" and described him as "an important bridge builder between Swisscom, Swiss politics and the government".  

On 1 June 2024, Nünlist handed over his position as Head of Corporate Communications at Swisscom and his seat on the Group Executive Board to his successor, Myriam Käser. 

After so many years at Swisscom, Stefan Nünlist has in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications market and Swiss politics at all levels. As the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of cablex, he will continue to strategically shape the future of one of Swisscom's largest subsidiaries together with the current members of the cablex Board of Directors. 

The composition of the Board of Directors of cablex AG in 2024 is as follows : 

  • Stefan Nünlist, Chairman of the Board of Directors  
  • Rolf Stettler, Head of Central Controlling & Corp. Real Estate, Swisscom AG  
  • Markus Reber, Head of Networks, Swisscom AG  
  • Hansjörg Hess, hjh business consulting  
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Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

Stefan Nünlist

Stefan Nünlist networks with employees and projects.

Stefan Nünlist's first few months in his new position were all about "meeting and greeting".

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