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Training on the job.

Multi-skill training at cablex.

COVID-19 times have shown us how important the internet has become at home. As a service provider for various clients, it is important for us to be able to react quickly and professionally to different operational situations and order volumes.

Author Martina Strazzer

We are using the opportunity and encouraging training on the job at cablex. This enables us to adapt our work to the changing market requirements and to meet individual customer needs. Colleagues in one area train employees from other business units and pass on their expertise.

Measuring the point of origin of a customer line, known as the port, to determine whether the outgoing signal is working properly.

Training on the job is being carried out in the Field Services team. Basically, the on-site services provided by our service technician teams include installations and troubleshooting for private and business customers as well as the commissioning of infrastructure (exchanges, platforms, masts).

However, some tasks differ in the various areas. For this reason, the first on-the-job training modules have been taking place since the beginning of 2021, in order to better exploit synergies and to be able to react quickly to fluctuating order volumes in the future.

Karen Martone-Eichmann, FS East technician in the region of St. Gallen, went through a four-week training. 

“I was able to enjoy some training on the job as the first female CFS technician.
The procedure involved in a troubleshooting order is identical to the one I’ve been following up to now. This includes isolation at the telephone socket, elimination of any defects in the domestic distribution cabinet, installation and commissioning of devices.

With a large employer like cablex, the resources need to be designed optimally, of course, and it makes perfect sense to train the employees and equip them properly. This leads to an optimum distribution of tasks both for the customer and for cablex, as well as a positive customer experience. The work processes still slightly differ from each other, but I’m convinced that they’ll be standardised in the near future. Thanks to the wide variety of assignments, my day-to-day work is also very diversified.”

IMA BE service technician Jake Ta was trained in the Bern region, and can now support all orders in his new team at a professional level.

“I’ve landed in one hell of a team and am looking forward to the new assignments. 
The four-week training taught me a lot of new, interesting things which will help me to have even more fun in my future work as a service technician.”

The tasks of the Field Services team.

  • Copper network: Measurement technology, changeover and new connections, fault isolation (from the exchange to the domestic junction box)      
  • Optical fibre network: Measurement technology, cleaning, visual check of optical fibre connections, fault isolation, XGS-PON technology, in-house splicing
  • Support of the wireline and wireless subscriptions of various providers
  • Live events: Temporary installations and commissioning of internet, TV and landline

The very positive feedback from our colleagues shows us that our internal training programmes have been successful. We also offer further training in the area of telecommunications network construction for external interested parties, which you can view via this link on our cablex website.

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