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Digital 24-9
Roman Kappeler 1-1

A new helmsman for the journey into the digital future.

The digital transformation in the economy and society is progressing at high speed. And to manage and guide cablex into the "premier digital league", the position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) was created with a start date of 1. August, 2020.

28.07.2020 von Roman Kappeler
Corona 24-9
Zaira Tschudi 1-1

Coronavirus – cablex is taking steps to protect employees, customers and partners.

Anyone can see that coronavirus is currently having an enormous impact on life in Switzerland.

25.03.2020 von Zaira Tschudi
Huggler Team 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Interview with Roger Huggler, Head of Central & South CFS.

Customer Field Service is a passionate and committed way of life.

25.03.2020 von Martina Strazzer
Bagger 24-9
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

New hydraulic excavator in use.

The civil work activities at the Unterentfelden site have had a new mobile excavator since January.

16.02.2020 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
Tunnelfunk 24-9
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

The radio network in the Ceneri base tunnel.

During the 150 measurement runs in the Ceneri base tunnel, each radio network with all frequencies and redundancies is measured in the radio measurement train.

13.01.2020 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
Knot 24-9
Roman Kappeler 1-1

cablex starts 2020 with 2500 highly-qualified employees and new services.

The moment will arrive on 1 January 2020: Swisscom is transferring its Customer Field Service (CFS) to cablex.

11.12.2019 von Roman Kappeler
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Aufgepasst! Das Nachschlagewerk für 5G.

Aufgepasst! Das Nachschlagewerk für 5G.

17.09.2019 von Martina Strazzer

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