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Paléo Festival_Hero 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Wi-Fi for the Paléo Festival.

cablex und Swisscom arbeiten Hand in Hand zusammen.

25.07.2023 von Martina Strazzer
Den Smart Metern gehört die Zukunft-Hero 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Smart meters are the future.

Our ICT specialists convert Zurich households to smart electricity meters.

10.07.2023 von Martina Strazzer
24-9 Header Mendy
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

Mendy on her role as a fibre optic installer.

Mendy Meichtry is a fibre optic installer at cablex in the Valais region. Daily work in fibre optics includes activities like splicing and BEP installation, but also cable pulling.

29.06.2023 von Larissa Mihalik
Gilbert Granelli
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

One executive management team - eleven personalities

In our series "Insights - our executive management up close" we introduce you to the people who manage cablex.

19.06.2023 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
Dätwyler_Hero 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Partnership between Dätwyler and cablex.

Our technical team is highly motivated and has the necessary expertise for the partnership.

08.06.2023 von Martina Strazzer
5G Bettwil 24-9
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

No dead zone: 5G reception in rural areas.

Bad network in the countryside? Far from it! New 5G mobile sites are also being built in rural regions.

05.06.2023 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
SCS Lernende bei FS 24-9
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

Teams of cablex technicians train Swisscom apprentices.

The Field Services team of technicians and Swisscom apprentices: a win-win project. Our ICT technicians in the field pass on their specific specialist knowledge, and the Swisscom apprentices help them with their daily work.

01.06.2023 von Larissa Mihalik
Portal neue Gubriströhre
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

cablex connects the tunnel infrastructure in Gubrist.

cablex realises the optical fibre expansion and signalling systems in the third gubrist tunnel.

24.04.2023 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
Roman Kappeler Herospace 24-9
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

One executive management team – eleven personalities.

Eleven people make up our executive management team. But how well do we actually know them? In our series "One executive management team - eleven personalities" we introduce you to the people who manage cablex.

19.04.2023 von Larissa Mihalik
Zermatt unplugged_Hero 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

150 metres of optical fibre cable for "Zermatt unplugged".

A modern WLAN solution (Nimbra) was connected to the optical fibre connection.

17.04.2023 von Martina Strazzer

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